Flying on the Isle of Man

Hi All. I’m heading to the IOM at the end of April with my Mini 2 and have noted that half of the island is covered by DJI geofencing. So I was wondering if anyone has flown on the island and could give me any tips or pointers especially getting permission to fly in the zone. :+1:

You need to ask Jon @islandimages

Most of it is class D airspace


Most of IOM is indeed class D. Castletown is only real restriction because of the airport.

When the TT is on most of the island is under NOTAM temp due to all the helicopters and media drones

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I was there with my Mini 3 Pro back in September and the only place I couldn’t fly was Castletown. There is also a prison in the north that is restricted.

I flew in Douglas, Laxey, Port St Mary and Port Erin.

Is there any licenses you need to fly ?

@iomkeith can you help?

Looking on the IOM Gov website it does not mention any licenses as far as I can see.

Just to reinforce what others have said, there is no need for licencing over here and the only restricted areas are the airport (in the south) & prison (in the north).

Having said that, there are a lot of nesting birds, especially at the time of year that you are visiting, so while not specifically ‘drone’ legislation, disturbing them is considered a serious offence, so be particularly careful around Marine Drive (perigean falcons nest along there) and around the Point of Ayre, where there are lots of ground nesting birds.

It gets a bit windy over here! Have a fun trip.


Thank you for your Replies

I was just about to post Saying I emailed the iom Caa yesterday and had a email back with 10 minutes

I’m coming in August

Unless things change this year (don’t see why they would) the TT (end May, start of June) and Manx Grand Prix, the ‘temporary restrictions’ are, 1,000m either side of the TT Course, when roads are closed for practices and races. The restrictions are lifted when roads are open.

If flying your drone is the primary reason for visiting in August, avoid the races!

I’m not coming during the TT or Grand Prix lol

it’s 29th July to 5th August I’m coming