Flying over houses


Since I am new to all of this and I have a copy of the drone code in my brain. It states we CAN fly over houses if we are 50m above them. I do my test flights in a very quiet park near my house and thought it would be nice to fly over my house and take some photos. This would mean going over other properties but at 120m and in line of sight.

I am totally fine to do this right? The whole thing is a tad confusing as I see videos of people flying next to built up areas and over roads (a lot in America granted).


If it’s a built-up area then No - you must stay 150m away which means you can’t fly over urban areas at any time. If it’s not, then the CAA are happy with the 50m height limit but laws about privacy and nuisance still apply, so you still need to give other properties a “reasonable” wide berth.


what defines a “built up area”?
As I would be going over 2 houses and that is all… This is the part I find most confusing…

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Details from the CAA here @MarkR : CAA definition of 'Crowds and built up areas'