Flying over private Estates, i.e. with castle in grounds

A shotgun pellet can go over 700 feet.

Accurately and enough of them to hit is another matter.

This happened to me along the Mobile River in Alabama. I was videoing an equipment (raft) demonstration for a professional acquaintance at an equipment expo, the event organizer saw the drone and sent his secretary over to tell me that I had to stop. I politely explained that I was over the river in Class G airspace, and was, in fact asked to do that for the manufacturer. She looked confused and said, “OK”, then walked back. I think it’s a combination of ignorance of airspace regulations mixed with a less than desirable opinion of drones, built on bad press.
I just carry my documents, try to be inconspicuous launching and recovering.

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I know they are counterproductive overall, but I do laugh at some of the “audit” videos where the landowner obviously has no idea of the law, and comes out with guff like “We operate a no fly zone over our land”

I would think that to avoid looking like an idiot, people would check their facts first

What doesn’t help in the UK either are things like the scam site “no fly drones” (wont link directly to it as i dont want to give them any boost in the search indexing) who on first glance look respectable with claims like

" We use the rules and regulations of the UK Air Navigation Order (CAP393) to present a simple graphical tool to aid safe flight planning for hobbyists and professional drone operators alike."

In reality they then have a box where literally anyone can " Want to add your own Drone No Fly Zone? Click [Here]" and plenty of users have done so, including some bigger ones such as CADW and so on.
This then appears as a “No fly zone”. You have to dig very deep to see its actually meaningless.

I’ve been queried several times by people telling me its a no fly zone because they requested it and it appears on this particular site.

(Also wonder what would happen if some group of nasty people decided to screw them up and add the entire UK to the no fly zone rendering the thing absolutely useless).

If they can hit a flying bird a drone should not be too much of a problem.

If its very close yes. No real reason for a drone being that close though.

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My brother can hit pretty fast moving clays from a fair distance with has rather crappy side by side, he doesn’t miss much. And when out for the peasants he takes his nice shotty out to show off. He doesn’t miss much then either. I’m pretty sure he could down a drone from a fair distance, especially with a tight cartridge.

I’m sure he could a lot depends on which way it’s travelling and at what speed and height. Also they tend to hover whereas clays don’t. I had an Under/over and also a single barrel Benelli.

Peasants? Is he living in the 18th Century? :joy:

It was an intentional typo :wink: