Flying through the Roxburgh Viaduct


Would have been more exciting a bit faster but was the first time I’ve flown through something so tripod mode it was.


Is your horizon off there @colinbm? :thinking:

Or is that viaduct sloping downward to the right?

Not sure I’ve ever flown through anything before - so fair play mate :+1:t2:

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It’s like docking a space ship…


Believe it’s the Viaduct - the “real” horizon looks straighter. Not that it really helps to visualise but here’s another angle:

And here’s the other direction with a straighter horizon:

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Na!, was just that he leaned to the left as (due to his arse tweaking ) he went through the archway !.
Mine would have been as well!.
Well Flown !

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Actually, contest entry shows the slope even better.


That can be achieved in editing. :wink:


I tried that but the adjustments to make sure I kept centred gives it an unattractive wobble. I should have gone in in tripod, backed out, and then gone through without needing to adjust.

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Tried stabilising after speeding up?


Yeah - I don’t think it’s movement the software is identifying for stabilisation. Either that or Emulsio isn’t as good as I hoped. :slight_smile:

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Here’s about as good as it gets.

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Yeah. See what you mean. Stabilising won’t remove that.
Probably need to fly it at max sped using Litchi … then slow it down. :rofl:


Litchi mission through that (or anything else) is possibly a a step too far for me. :slight_smile:

Realistically though, if I’d positioned it in between, then reversed straight out, I should have been able to go straight forward at a reasonable speed while recording (and still keeping a close eye!)

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Actually - using Litchi to fly the dead straight smooth (sensible speed) track through that, with a poi in one of the pillars, so it rotates as it goes through, would be brilliant!

<< adds to list of things to try >>

And I have my target! Just a few miles away.


Awesome. It’s given me the inspiration to visit Hewenden viaduct located between Wilsden and Cullingworth in West Yorkshire and film that. The last time I was there was 47 years ago with my best friend and his parents, exploring the nearby reservoir which for some reason was empty. Those were the days of Ford Cortina MK1s and Ford Anglia’s, Austin 1100/1300 cars. Who’d have thought that 47 years later I’d be flying a drone around the viaduct.

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Looks like on the way into Fareham?


By the M3 - south side of Winchester - the now disused Hockley Viaduct on the old Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway line.

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Re the horizon not being level, if you look at the points on the pillars where the arches start, they appear to be level but the top of the viaduct appears to drop to the right. On the picture looking straight down, the viaduct is at an angle to the river, so the right hand side is moving “away”. If you were to “level” the top of the viaduct, then the pillars would be wrong. Do you think it’s something to do with perspective?. I’ve only got vision in one eye, so it might be me!!!


Possibly perspective. You can see in the photo above, and in satellite (below) that it’s not perpendicular with the river. I was flying more or less along the river (central on the arch), so the right “lower” bit is further away.

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It’s still good anyway. Think you should practice in tripod, then “realtime” AND THEN GIVE IT SOME WELLY