Flying tomorrow. Anyone up for it?


Android - “UK Tides”


Find it useful so often.


Could do. Let’s see how long we’re out before Anisa gets itchy feet & the need to work. Sounds good though. I’ll suggest she brings her laptop along.


I’ve got a fruity phone. Will see if there’s an iOS equivalent.


Work!, wos that!.
Anyways, see you at 6.50 ish


Who writes these tide apps?! The same people who write weather apps??? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Here Russell, they have banned drones at St Benets Abbey !


Miserable buggers.

Tempted to park a boat alongside and take off from that.

Actually, it’s Crown Estate land. Would be interesting to find out whether they actually have the jurisdiction to make that choice - since it is expressly permitted on the Crown Estate.


Another guy who lives in Norwich “Tim” who is a newbie wants to meet up with us at Wells.
Just picked up a request from MavicPilots forum.
He lives about a half a mile from you near the cathedral!


Sounds good! The more the merrier. Should get there at 8, if you want to make arrangements to meet up with him?


Apparently the Norfolk Archaeological Trust bought the site from the Crown in 2002, so I gues they can.


Yes, he’s a biker, so he is meeting us there.


off ta bed, see ya in the mornin’


Sorry guys, having a late one … ‘hic!’ :slight_smile:


Sorry guys, only just picked up this thread, hope you all had a good fly, going out for a fly in a bit as weather seems ok, wind yesterday was too high here at Hemsby, drone did not like it :-1:


Guys ! all I can say at the moment about today’s flying at Wells is…
Will explain in a later post about My and @PaperCrane day out !
And not forgetting a potential new member Tim