Flying tomorrow. Anyone up for it?

Going out for a fly about tomorrow am if any folks are interested? @chrisjohnbaker, @Paul_M, @stevedevil & others in the Norfolk area - fancy coming out to play?


Yep, I wanna play!,where you thinking of Russell
( I think we’ll count Happiburgh out though!)

No idea! Where do you fancy?

Yes let’s githe lighthouse a wide berth for a while! By the way - I was watching the footage the other day. You can see him leaning against his car and watching the drone.

We talking early morning, or later?

Actually Anisa wants to go take pictures of that horse sculpture in Wells harbour before they take it away, so we are going to make another attempt to go see it and fly around Wells beach.

We never made it last time - I couldn’t get out of bed!

Leaving Norwich at 7am if you want to swing by here & get a lift?

Is it viewable at a high tide?

At low tide it’s completely uncovered. At high tide, just it’s neck and head. Low tide tomorrow is at 5:09 & high at 11, so if we leave here tomorrow at 7 we should get there with the water halfway up it. Should be good.

I only ask as low tide is at 4.29am with high tide at 10.56am

Well this is crazy! The site you were looking at said 4.30, the one I was looking at said 5.09, and I’ve just found another that says 3.25!

All bloody frustrating.

Whatever it is, it’s sure to go out !

Tomorrow low tide at 5.14 high at 11.47 !

And Dave throws in another one! Honestly we could have a sweepstake!

I reckon we go for it. Dave’s times look similar to what I found.

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Nope - that one agrees with @chrisjohnbaker’s post

Right, i’ll Be round yours at 6.50am, set the alarm early!
any other Norfolk wassacks wanna play !

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Leave 7, arrive 8, water about halfway up the horse. Take a few snaps of the sculpture, buzz drones about - sounds good.

Wells Bar times

Cool. See you then. Any others v welcome.

Then on to Cley to buzz the windmill perhaps?

What app you using ?