Flying WITH my drone, carry on or checked?


I’m going on holiday very soon and I will, of course, take my Mavic Pro.

But what is the correct way of taking it?

I’m planning on taking the 3 batteries in a lipo bag in my carry on case and putting the drone itself (with no battery) in my suitcase that will be checked into the hold.

Is this correct?

I’ve read some comments that say they have taken the drone itself on board but this seems odd to me.

In case it’s relevant I’m flying with Ryanair, Oman Air and Wizzair.



Not flown with mine …. but there are loads of posts on this subject in #Travel-advice-for-anyone-taking-their-drone-abroad


I have flown many times.
You batteries MUST go in fireproof lipo bags, and in your hand luggage, and must be discharged to about 20%.
On no account must you allow them to go in the hold !.
I have (when flying with Ryanair) been asked (when just about to board) to give my hand luggage to one of the Loaders, because the cabin luggage holders were full !.
I refused and explained why, I was then allowed to carry it on board, and a Stewardess found space near me.
I personally would carry the drone too ,in your hand luggage.
If you see how they throw cases around, you will see what I mean !.
I always lose my Drone in and around my photographic stuff (it is actually in my Canon Camera Bag)
What country are you going to?


I’ve not had to drain batteries or use Lipo bags but was flying within EASA jurisdiction.

Where did you read this?


You obviously are not aware of the Exploding Samsung Phone scenario on aircraft Callum?.
I have read it, somewhere ,bear with me I will attempt to find it !


Well, try “The Mavic Pro Intelligent Battery Safety Guidelines” PDF for a start.
(bottom of page 4)


3 Fully charged Phantom Batteries are equal in energy to 1 stick of dynamite.


skip the crappy 1 min intro !!!


Batts will deffo go in my carry on, and are already in a lips bag.

I’m sure I read somewhere (maybe a specific airline, I really can’t remember) that the drone itself can’t go in your carr on luggage as you could theoretically fly it in the terminal or even the plane!

Flying Ryanair from UK to Italy.

Then flying Oman Air from Italy to Zanazibar with a connection in Muscat.


Your best bet is probably get the airlines to confirm and take a printed copy of their email responses with you … in case some jobsworth wants to impose their interpretation of their rules.


Never encountered that one, on any of the many airlines I have flown
(Ryanair, Norwegian, Easyjet, Thompson, Finnish, Aer Lingus )

Simple answer to that one, put the controller in the hold case !


There was a post here a few months ago that mentioned the airline in question insisted on this.


rules must have changed then on certain airlines.
as you said better to check airlines policy.


Whether or not the rules have changed or been relaxed, at the end of the day it’s the airline’s interpretation and implementation that we have to be ready for.

Definitely all airlines do not do exactly the same thing in all instances, and I’ve read that two legs with the same airline have been treated differently.

Edit: Remember - check-in is not always handled by the staff of the airline you are flying on. In many places the airport staff are the ones that operate the check-in and “decide” what you can do.


Good point…When I’m packing tomorrow I may well do that!

Although being a man I’m an expert packer-er so if I DO put the drone in the hold luggage it will well protected in the DJI bag, and smothered with clothing.


Yes obviously aware of that.

I’m asking what law or regulation prohibits fully charged batteries not in a Lipo bag.

Now your just being silly :rofl:


nope, post #7


Have you see how easy it is to open a locked zipper suitcase, with a ball point pen !

Not somewhere I would put it !.
Not trying to put you off ,or anything !.


That’s just some random on a forum who does not know the difference between electrical, chemical and kinetic energy.

3 phantom batteries have about 0.9MJ of electrical energy.

A stick of dynamite has 1MJ of KINETIC energy and is the equivelant to a 1tonne vehicle traveling at 161km\h.

A car battery can store 4MJ of electrical energy so are we driving around in bombs?


thanks for the science lesson Callum, I still would not want one, or more in my bag, that’s fully charged, especially when on a plane.