Flying your drone in Spain

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been trying to find how to register a drone (mini 2) for use in Spain under the new EASA regulations, this information may be the same for other EU countries. It has become very apparent that the information is not yet available, this is how far I’ve got so far:

Sent several emails to EASA Spain - No replies.

Scoured the net for information - whilst Spain has obviously signed up to the new EASA regulations I cannot find any up to date information just the old drone Codes.

Spoke to Expats in Spain who fly drones - plenty of shrugged shoulders!

Spoke to UAVhub to see if they had any info - very helpful but thought that UK registration would not count in the EU until an agreement is made which will probably take years!

I will be taking the mini 2 with me when we can travel, I’ll only be flying in open unpopulated areas so I should be ok. It’s pretty obvious that the UK is way ahead of our EU friends regarding the EASA regulations. I’m just posting this to give a heads up to those intending to travel (when we can!) with their drones within the EU, hopefully other EU countries will be a bit quicker off the Mark than Spain! Manyana…

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I’ve flown there in the past (I know no use to you). Did you contact AESA? There’s a lot of info on their site.

My understanding is that you can use the same Operator ID in all EASA areas. As it’s a Mini 2 you don’t need a Flyer ID but assume you already have one of those too.

So if I were you I’d simply use your existing Operator ID as the whole point of it is that it can be read by any EU National Aviation Authorities.

If you think you need another one, a quick google brings up how to apply to the AESA for a Spanish Operator ID:

If you have non-EU citizenship you just need a Cl@ve PIN to sign up.

I imagine a quick perusal of CAP1789A/B could be useful for any other queries.

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Whilst the UK have adopted the EASA regs, as we are not in the EU it’s doubtful my UK registration will be recognised in the EU. I have sent emails to AESA in Spanish and English but had no response.
I’ve seen the link you posted before and google translated it but it is not clear how to register drones, I’ll wait till I get out there and get a translator to help me.
Thanks for looking though.

I thought the whole point of EASA regs is they apply across all EASA jurisdictions.

You register on their site. Just follow the instructions. As I said, you’ll need a Cl@ve PIN.

You can also call AESA if you want a quicker answer than email.

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I did see on FB that as we are now classed as a 3rd country due to brexit our drone qualifications are not accepted within the EU.
Apparently if you want to work commercially in the EU you have to do their equivalent to the gvc in their country, in their language to qualify.

I would be surprised if that’s true. Is there anything in EASA suggesting so?

Maybe for commercial work but not what the op is asking?

A reply someone got from EASA…

Thank you for contacting EASA.
The United Kingdom (UK) withdrew from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) system as of 1 January 2021.
As of that date the EU law does not apply anymore in the UK which is considered as a third country.
In accordance with Article 41 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/945 a certificate of the remote pilot competency or the UAS operator’s certificate issued by a third country may be recognised by the competent authority of the EU Member State provided that all of the following conditions are met:
• the third country asked for such recognition,
• the certificate of the remote pilot competency or the UAS operator`s certificate are valid documents of the State of issue; and
• the Commission, after consultation of EASA, has ensure that the requirements on the basis of which such certificates have been issued provide the same level of safety as the Regulation (EU) 2019/945 does;
The UK has not yet initiated the above recognition process, so as things stand the UK certificates cannot be recognised yet for the purpose of UAS operations within in the single European sky airspace.
Best regards,
Natale Di Rubbo (Lino)
Project Manager – Drones
European Union Aviation Safety Agency
Office: +49 221 89990-4213
Mobile: +49 157 3320 5916
Postal: Postfach 10 12 53, 50452 Cologne, Germany

I realise its not what the original question was so I do apologise


Is this any better ?

A link to a YouTube video about flying Drones in the EU in 2021.


I had one eye/ear on a Geeksvana video this evening so don’t quote me on this but I’m sure I heard him say the A2 CofC isn’t valid outside of the UK.

If that’s what you mean? :thinking:

Great info, I’ve registered and will do the course tomorrow (too much wine now!). All I need to do now is register the mini 2 in Spain and I’m good to go I think…


Just completed the course he mentions in the video and got the certificate. Have to say it’s a really informative and well designed course, a bit harder than the UK flyer ID test but if you have got your head around the new EASA regs it’s a doddle and it can’t do any harm to have another training certificate in your back pocket - and it’s free!
One more step to do… registering my drone in Spain and I’m done!

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Just watch out for this bit - when I was looking at flying at Montserrat near Barcelona last year, I found quite a lot of the countryside round there was legally a no-fly zone. The protected areas are shown on their no-fly map, but only show up if you zoom in to the right level:


Thank you, I’ve already checked and the area I go to is very open with no restrictions, thanks anyway.

Here is more information on Flying in th EU, I did the course and the test yesterday and must admit very impresive, follow through here Do You Intend to Fly in the EU

You can’t fly in the EU with just the Luxembourg remote pilot certificate you still need to register for a operator ID. I’ve recently registered for an EU A1/A3 operator ID through Ireland which is valid across the EU, that combined with the Luxembourg certificate (Flyer ID) and I’m good to go.

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Could you share the link for it?

I’ve gone round in circles trying to register with the Spanish EASA site and even though I’m native Spanish, I cannot get to sort it. (Dead links, and weird complex setup).

I am having great difficulty in registering my drone (Mini2) in Spain for a trip later this year. I get to the reg page but it is only valid if resident in Spain (no UK on drop downs etc.). Anyone actually managed to register whilst in the UK for Spain?

I’ve gone through the registration for an operator id (mini 3) at AESA, there’s non cl@ve pin options and text in english now, but a week after seemingly completing the registration and uploading passport - still no emails.
The regs do say you should register in the first EU country you fly in, and then that covers you for the EU, so I wonder if a more practical solution would be to say fly first in Ireland or France, register with them, and then that would cover you for Spain ?