For Sale: DJI Inspire mega bundle - new details, new items, new price! [SOLD]

:tada: Inspire 1 v2 Pro Mega Bundle :tada:

Some of you may recall that I posted my Inspire kit for sale back in February, complete with ground station etc.

I have since decided to keep the ground station and associated items as I can use it with my Mavic Pro and my Autel Evo.

Therefore, please find below a new For Sale listing, with new bundled items and a new lower price!

Don’t worry about the items being mucky from the lawn, it’s clean and dry astroturf :blush:

I powered up the drone with each battery today to check the charge count on them. I bought all five TB48 batteries (not TB47s!) brand new so you may not be surprised to see the charge count is:

  • Battery 1 = 10
  • Battery 2 = 4
  • Battery 3 = 6
  • Battery 4 = 5
  • Battery 5 = 4

Almost new eh? :slight_smile:

Here’s some new pics of what’s included in this bundle, click for hi-res versions.

And the details are as follows:

DJI Inspire 1 v2

  • One-off custom carbon fibre patterned airframe, professionally hyrdodipped by Hydro Style UK

  • X5 gimbal plate

  • Quick release props

  • Charger (standard/original)

  • Primary controller has Titan antenna whips for added dB gain
    – Also comes with quick release bracket for CrystalSky montiors
    – Also comes with standard bracket for mobile phone or normal tablets

  • Slave second controller
    – For the camera operator to use, independently of the drone pilot


  • 5x TB48 batteries (yup, they are all TB48, not 47s!)

  • Four of them are hydrodipped to match the Inspire 1
    – One of them is plain white
    – Charge count is mind-blowing low, they are all as-new

Battery Warmer

  • One genuine DJI TB47/48 battery warmer also included

SmartPower Charge SPCM100

  • 500w power

  • Can charge 4x TB48s at the same time!

  • AND two controllers too!

The Smart Power Charge station from the USA can charge four batteries, two controllers and a CrystalSky hub at the same time.

I don’t mean one after the other either.

I mean, concurrently :scream:

Zenmuse X3 Camera

(X3 is the one on the right)

Zenmuse Z3 Camera (Zoom)

(Z3 is the one on the left)

The Zenmuse Z3 camera is optical zoom.

Zoomed out:

Zoomed in:

Another example.

No zoom:

Luscious optical zoom :drooling_face:

It’d be great for inspections and surveys.

Zenmuse X5 Camera plus 15mm lens (MFT)

The sensor in the X5 is eight times the size of the sensor in the X3 camera :scream:

And my brain isn’t clever enough to work out how much larger it is than the 1" sensor in the Mavic 2 (and Air 2S) but this chart demonstrates the difference:

The X5 camera is about the size of the Mavic too :blush:

Polar Pro filter set

  • Will fit both the X3 and the Z3 cameras

  • Six Polar Pro filters included

  • Also included are three DJI ND filters too

  • See top of this post for picture of filters in soft case

Carry Cases

  • InsPak X5 carry case
    – Allows drone to stay in flight-mode
    – Large enough to hold everything you need “on site”
    – Portable enough to be carried

  • DJI hard camera case
    – Can hold all three cameras (the X3, the Z3 and the X5) all in one case

Random spares

  • Bestem heavy duty rubber landing mat
  • X3 gimbal plate
  • Two Strobon CREEs included, plus mounts
  • Spare quick release props (4x on the drone + 8x spares (12 in all), 4x of which are still boxed/new)
  • A box full of other spares / accessories (see main photo at top)

More pictures:

Collection / Delivery

You are welcome to do a socially distanced collection from Wigan, I’m just 5 mins from J25 on the M6 or 15mins from the M61.

Or I’m willing to drive to meet you anywhere in this circle, and possibly further if you’re buying the coffee when I get there. I won’t charge you for delivery/fuel/etc as I’m on the road a lot anyway.

What’s it all worth?

I trawled the sold-auctions on eBay looking for identical items that have sold in the last three months in order to get a fair and average price for each item, were I to sell it all separately.

The current second-hand value breaks down as:

Item Price
Inspire 1 v2, hydrodipped, 2x controllers, etc £750
X3 camera £200
Z3 camera £370
X5 camera £800
TB48 Batteries (£150 each, I have five) £750
Polar Pro Filters £80
Battery heater £15
Camera case (for three cameras) £40
Inspire Landing Mat £25
Total £3,030

(That’s not the new price don’t forget, that’s the current second hand value!)

Price to GADC members is just £2,200 ovno

That's a saving of over EIGHT HUNDRED QUID on the current market value. Crazy bargain!

Plus, you’re not buying from some random unknown person on eBay. You’re buying from a long-standing GADC member with a solid reputation.

Annotated details (click to download):