For Sale Mavic Pro Platinum Flymore Combo [SOLD]

For sale my Mavic Pro Flymore Combo, a complete setup as per the flymore package will include the pygtech landing gear and controller protector. Everything is in excellent condition so much so that I would so far as to say ‘like new’. The drone has never been crashed, I wrapped it more or less from new for Protection more than anything, it is easy removed if it’s not to your taste and will be pristine underneath. I’m looking for £650 posted, obviously that’s fully insured or your more than welcome to collect it it from WA15 area and I would be happy to demonstrate it flying. Any questions etc please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

Good luck , hope you sell it, are you having a new one or selling up?

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@jimvfrmoto750 Thanks Jim.

The plan is to trade up…hopefully. I’ve done some research and I feel it’s well priced so fingers crossed

Hi do you have a case for it all to go in other than the small DJI bag.
I have an MP with two extra batteries and other bits and pieces. so just about the same as a Flymore without the car charger, but I have a 3rd party car charger.
I can’t afford to upgrade to an M2P unfortunately, so what are the advantages of the Platinum over the standard MP?

Apart from the visual differences, this article highlights some of the differences There are also some hardware differences such as the ESC’s which make it more efficient, there’s possibly others also such as motors but I’m not entirely sure.

No case I’m afraid, just everything you see in the picture. Thanks

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Hi, thanks for the link and info. Having read it all the differences are not so great, so I think I will be better off saving up for the M2P, even though you are selling at a good price.

No problem.

Now Sold.

I would edit the title but I don’t seem to be able to.