Foreigner want to buy insurance in flying drone in UK

I will visit UK together with my drone this summer and would like to know where I could buy the insurance.


I think usually you take out insurance in your home country?

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have a look at Drone Cover - they let you take out liability insurance for the days you want to fly. Not sure if they are concerned about your home location more about where you want to fly and what your flying. All done online so you can pay via credit / debit card if needed.

Hi Victor, I would say that the easiest way to get insurance would be to upgrade your membership to “Insured membership” which will give you £5,000,000 of cover.
I’m sure one of the mods will be along shortly to set you on the right path.
Oh, and you’re not a “foreigner”, you’re a welcome visitor to our country, enjoy your visit!

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GADC Insured Membership is only available to UK residents.

Sorry, I’ve never read the Ts&Cs as I don’t need the insurance, my bad.