Found any cool .STL files? Share them here

DJI Avata tactical light holder, GADC branded



@Sparkyws wayne

Do you think you could replicate this in bright orange, it stops the battery from coming out I’m guessing also the orange may help with VLOS, I did try to find a file but kinda don’t know how to look for one as I’ve never done it before,
Thought I’d ask thank you

Yeah no problem

Really that is a problem :scream:

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I’d be on to DJI saying errrr this needs fixing right fucking now! for the price of that drone!!!

Unfortunately it’s not on there, some really cool stuff tho, I see why you guys like 3d printing.

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Have you had a battery fall out :thinking:

I don’t want to tempt fate but no I haven’t, however in flight I’ve had warning battery not inserted correctly or something to that effect & the warning did not go until I got the drone back & re inserted, also on close inspection what I don’t like if these do ping then it will come flying out the back at force as there under quite a bit of tension as you probably know, so was thinking better to be safe than sorry, yes I could / should order one if I’m that bothered ( I am ) but see your work above & thought “ aha “ in bright orange would be great, if there’s no file it is what it is mate, sorry for the SA just thought best to explain myself fully :+1:t2:
Cheers Wayne

Not so much an *.stl as a webpage for producing files of just one thing - follow focus gears.

You can either buy ready-made gears for popular lenses when using them on a cine rig or buy adjustable strips which are tightened around the lens. The first are expensive and only made for a limited range of lenses, the latter are prone to slipping at inconvenient times.

Measure your lens diameter with a digital or analogue caliper. Multiply by pi (just put Lens diameter in mm x pi in Google). Measure the length you want the ring to be. Put it in the calculator and one *.stl file is generated ready to slice. The gear is standard 0.8mm pitch to mesh with all standard follow focus motors and hand wheels.

I used ABS with a 60% infill and the gears are a tight push-fit onto the focus rings of the two lenses I have already sorted. They grip well. There is no difficulty in using the lenses for stills either.

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For those that can’t afford Omnifix


I have hands like spades, so im going to give these ago.


Mini 4 Pro 4G adapter, if anyone is getting the new DJI 4G dongle, I have found an adapter to print

As you posted the above strangely enough a message came through from DJI about the 4G dongle,
I thought the dongles wasn’t usable in the uk or has that changed ?

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Yeah I heard about if from a UK DJI seller, and yes I too got the email from DJI today, could be good for those in the middle of nowhere

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Thanks for that.

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That is who’s email I saw earlier this week about the 4G mount and dongle