Found any cool .STL files? Share them here

Was just browsing thingiverse and found this cool little SD card holder so figured I’d share the love.

It’s a print in place and a really easy print. 1hr 20minute print.

I printed it at 0.12mm layer height with a 100% infill, no supports needed. Printed in PLA.

Holds 4 micro SD cards and the Adaptor.

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Fpv cam windscreen wiper

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Could be fun when attached to a drone.


Pretty sure @Steviegeek has rescued a few quads using one of these :ok_hand:t2:

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An absolutely awesome 3D printed case for the TS100 soldering iron. It’s a really long print but if you do it in stages it’s not so bad. It uses filament as hinge pins very clever design with multiple configuration options just print the ones you want. Here’s mine:

Well worth printing if you own the TS100 or its many copies. You’ll need a skateboard bearing and a nut and bolt to secure it for the iron stand.


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@DeanoG60 did me a really high qualityt print of this case.
It’s in use at least once every week :+1:
Thanks Dean :smiley:

I got board in isolation so was just browsing thingiverse for cool things to print. Found this:

Printed it and boy is it loud! Lol

Not drone related but still a cool design and works well. :grin:

Also printed a Flexi Rexy, again just for fun lol

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This is another reason I don’t have a 3D printer.

My desk would just be full of totally random things like this, all in different colours :smiley:

Yeah man, there’s so many cool prints out there lol

I’m actually trying to print a business card dispensing box to keep the GADC business cards in to stop them getting battered in my drone bag but so far I haven’t managed a successful print as it’s quite a complicated mechanism lol but it’s getting there.

First print was US size business cards so they didn’t fit so found the EU revision and printed that but my print settings were not quite right and the spring mechanism wouldn’t release and I ended up snapping it trying to get it to release. :man_facepalming:t2:

I’ll have another go when I get some more free time (back at work now :man_facepalming:t2: lol)

But here’s the thingiverse link to it any ways:

US version:

EU revision (still need some parts from the original US version above):

If anybody gives this ago please let me know how you get on :+1:t2:

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Try this whistle. It sounds like a woman screaming in terror.

Coincidentally the same sound I make when hurtling towards a tree trunk with my quad :grimacing:

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I found these rather nifty DJI Mini 2 propeller guards on Thingiverse. I customised them with my name.


Top man for sharing Andy @gimbalflight :clap:t2:

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You’re not wrong! :rofl:

:fu:t2: :joy: :fu:t2:

For anybody else who wants a bit of fun:

I’ve been using this model as my test print for new filaments for a while now lol granted not quite this big. This was as it is downloaded (life size) was an 8 hour print in my new Transparent Blue TPU :rofl: I accidentally forgot to scale it down before slicing and figured I’d just let it run to see the result lol

Also once the smaller test prints (of all my different colour and types of filament) are complete I’ve been leaving them around the house for my missus to find in ramdom places just for a bit of fun :rofl:

I’ve been printing even more usless but amazing 3D prints this one I had to pay for from cultz3D link to the STL here:

It’s the TikTok viral Crystal Dragon and I must say it looks absolutely stunning but completely usless lol

It also took 30 hours to print so it’s not for the faint hearted :rofl:

I’ll probably be printing 1 or 2 more in some different colours. Why because they look amazing lol not sure where I’m going to put them just yet but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it :rofl:


Got some new MagicPLA filament delivered yesterday so ran this nice vase off to test it. I’ve got to say it looks absolutely stunning.

Vase file:

My results with my new MagicPLA:



Wow, that does look nice :clap: :clap: :clap:

Don’t know if this one has been posted before. A 3 pod battery holder that you can store DJI Mini 2 batteries in.
I have one printing now, should be finished at 20:30 tonight. (12hr print)