Fovant Badges, Wiltshire

The Fovant Badges are a set of regimental badges cut into a chalk hill, Fovant Down, near Fovant, in southwest Wiltshire, England. They are located between Salisbury and Shaftesbury on the A30 road in the Nadder valley; or approximately 1⁄2 mile (800 m) southeast of Fovant. They were created by soldiers garrisoned nearby, and waiting to go to France, during the First World War; the first in 1916. They are clearly visible from the A30 road which runs through the village. Nine of the original twenty remain, and are scheduled ancient monuments and recognised by the Imperial War Museum as war memorials. Further badges have been added more recently.

There are two laybys for TOAL on the A30 with clear line of sight.


cracking shot, is that a hill fort on the top field?

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Hi Dren,

Yes, that’s Chiselbury Camp, which is an Iron Age hill fort.

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Thankyou :+1:

Nice shot.:+1: