Fpv advice for spark


Just a quick question, when I bought my drone, it came woth vr goggles, never bothered trying them, but of work on sick at moment, maybe never to return but thought I’d set them up and have a go. Now to my question, how do I set them up and what do I need to do with drone, app and goggles. Etc.


Hi there on the dji go app you can set them through the app by picking the fpv menu that’s what I do


Where do I find that? Been trying and getting nowhere


Hi Mike I’ll send you a photo of the screen display tomorrow OK will sort it OK regards Irvine


Hi again better idea is to look on YouTube videos will tell you what you want to know just type what your looking for in search


Cheers James, will have a look into it, not bothered about it too much but wouldn’t mind trying it seeing as I got the opportunity to do so.