FPV configuration 102

…or should that be 201? Whatever. Now I have all my quads basically configured and flying it’s time to start looking into extra controls. For example, I don’t have turtle mode on any of them, which I suspect might be useful.

Let’s start with what I have. My 3 main quads are now on CRSF, all using the same ‘model’ on the transmitter. They are

  • GEPRC 4" Crocodile Baby LR with GPS
  • Nazgul V2 5" - currently no GPS but I do have a module that I intend to fit to it
  • Darwin79 3" - no GPS and never will have

My TX is a Radiomaster TX12 with the following switches

  • A - momentary - currently does nothing (also doesn’t cause a reaction in BF Receiver page - may be a wiring issue from when I replaced the TX main board)
  • B - 3 position toggle - currently does nothing (also doesn’t cause a reaction in BF Receiver page - may be a wiring issue from when I replaced the TC main board)
  • C [AUX2] - 3 position toggle - Air(Acro)/Level/Horizon
  • D [AUX3] - momentary - pre-arm/buzzer
  • E [AUX1] - 3 position toggle - Off/Off/Arm
  • F [AUX4] - 3 position toggle - assume nothing (it may be set for failsafe/RTH on the Croc)

There are also 2 rotary switches S1/S2 that don’t cause a reaction in the BF Receiver page.

Here’s a thought - because the config in BF is set to AETR1234 does that mean I only get the 4 AUX channels? Surely not.

I suppose the first couple of things I’d be looking at would be turtle mode and a switch to disable Air mode.

But first I need to charge a battery because the damn thing won’t stop beeping at me.

Your Aux modes are tied to your available channels CRSF has 8 as standard (keep in mind the first 4 are taken by your sticks) but can be changed to 12 channel.

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I have all of mine set broadly the same as it helps with muscle memory.
It was a recommendation provided by @DeanoG60.

I have a tango 2 so switches are arm/disarm - on a press switch
3flight modes - on a 3 point switch
gps return - on a 3 point switch
beeper on a press switch

The only variable on that is I have turtle mode set on my non gps drones to replace the gps return

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Can’t do GPS return if you’re upside-down in a ditch. :rofl:

OK. Might have to have the back off the TX12 and check everything’s still connected properly then.

My Aux modes are as follows:

2 pos switch is Arm/disarm
3 pos switch is flight modes (acro/angle and the 3rd pos is my turtle mode (I don’t have horizon mode))
Momentary is my pre arm and beeper.

To change your channels for CRSF you’ll need to go into TBS Agent Lite on your Radio with your quad connected and powered up then go to your Nano RX and you should be able to change from 8 channel to 12 channel :+1:t2: you’ll then need to setup your mixes for the new channels in openTX.

It’s not like a dji return - its used when you loose video or signal to bring back in the direction of home.

I don’t think even turtle mode is going to help much when in a ditch at this time of year :joy:

I remember watching a Joshua Bardwell video about switching Crossfire to 12 channel rather than 8 channel and there is some sacrifice when switching to 12 channel. Can’t remember 100% but from memory I think it has an affect on link latency

All my quads are on 12 channels and I haven’t felt any adverse effects. I know the video you’re talking about he said he asked trappy what the sacrifice is and he wouldn’t tell him because its some sort of secret. He just said use 8 channel if you can. But I wanted the extra Aux mode so I decided fuck it I’ll swap to 12 and see what happens. Been on 12 channels for months now lol


Yes that’s the one Deano, yeah thats right Trappy wouldn’t say why, I remember now. It was Bardwell that said he thought it might be latency but couldnt be sure :+1:t2: Ah thats cool to know you’ve not noticed any negative affect since switching, so it probably isn’t as important as they made out

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I’ve always used 12, no issues, :+1::grinning:

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Jez, you should not need to, all you have to do is assign the switches to the radio channels using the inputs and mixer tabs :slightly_smiling_face:

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It maybe latency or resolution. The system works with fixed packet lengths. Add more channels and it requires more packets to be sent. If you send all channels in one packet or frame length then the number of bits allocated to each channel is reduced, reducing the resolution.

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