Fpv flyer checking in


Although you want to be light as possible for speed. The gopro hero 5-6-7 have gps.
I use a session 5 but it has no gps. Might hook my 7 up and see what the speed is. I’m curious now. Lol


My old 3 is very GPS-less. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wanted very light for my Cheerson…

Overall - I also wanted very cheap. :wink:


I don’t run external action cams at all. It’s runcam split 2 or split 2 mini’s if I’m after footage.

I have a gps on order along with some more aggressive props and will see what I can do about that leader board in the summer :wink:


Just put a split mini 2 on my babyhawk R :smile:


Got a photo of that Dan?


Yea. It’s been a bit of a pain tbh.
Sourcing longer m2 screws and buying stand offs so I could raise the frame. It’s been trial and error but I’ve got it right now.


Cool :+1: Was wondering how you got it to fit.

How is the baby hawk r?


It’s awesome. It was originally a 2" but I did the 2.5" arms and prop swap and it’s transformed it. Really punchy. Its got me alot better on throttle control because it really wants to go.
Would be good for racing but I just freestyle with it.


Have you seen the new baby hawk R pro?

Looking for something around this size.


Yea. Not flown it but It’s just an updated version. Has a f4 stack and a better cam out of the box. Its had good reviews so far. There’s a few 2"-3" coming out at the moment with split or turtle cams so have a look at them. There’s a diatone/tmotor R249 that’s got decent reviews but it’s not as fast or raw as the babyhawk.


Might suit me better :wink: