FPV GoPro settings

Here we are, it was time to test my Naked Hero 8. While it looks better than the SMO 4K I fried on Wednesday :upside_down_face: I don’t think I’m getting the expected quality.
Your thoughts?

RES: 2.7K
FPS: 50
Lens: Wide
EIS: off
Sharpness: Medium
Color: Flat
ISO min/max: 100
Shutter Lock: 180
Telesin ND 16

Looks fine to me

Did you check your Youtube settings are at 4K

The video was recorded, edited and uploaded at 2.7K so I don’t expect to see 4K there.
EDIT: I guess you meant if I was watching it at HI-RES, yes I did.

It seems there is way too much motion blur, I can’t see the details.

Isnt motion blur an issue if you dont use a ND filter?

More or less. Fixed shutter speed (called Shutter Lock on GP, set 2x the FPS), fixed aperture and fixed ISO require to use ND filters to adjust the exposition. I used a ND 16 for this video.

Some motion blur is what you’re trying to get by using an ND filter. Perhaps that 16 was too much for a cloudy day.

What I noticed is the GoPro looks overexposed compared to the SMO. I would have used an ND 8 on the SMO, but is was way too bright on the GoPro.
Should I go for the ND 8 and work with the EV compensation?