FPV just got me banned from Twitter?!

Yup - for real. I just tweeted the video I shot last weekend and posted on GA here:

I immediately got this…

I looked at my account from an incognito browser and, sure enough…

I’ve no idea tbh! Let’s see what happens in 12hrs time. :crossed_fingers:

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Isn’t there a way to appeal it?

I mean tbh, I wouldn’t use it anyway because it’s a POS. But each to there own. I never coud see the reason for Twitter, besides the digital equivalent to old people gossiping across a fence. Especially now it seems less relevant.


I’d hazard a guess the mention of “God”……

You are worried about being banned from Twatter.?
I’d treat it as a badge of honour!:rofl:


I’m going for using God and Heaven in 1 tweet. They get funny about any references to religion (auto AI)

Was there any copyright music?
I got kicked for a while the other day, for a moist about 4 months ago that included a video from Instagram (someone else’s).
Read the rules and accepted the smack on the wrist, and i was back on.

It’s definitely God and Heaven. You probably hit the Jihad filter. If you’d mentioned 40 virgins or similar they’d have probably perma’d you.

I think Heaven is fine, when not with God, but God used in any context will fire the censorship filter.

Not surprised a moist video got you banned :joy: