FPV on the Moors

Because Brendan will be unable to get to Drone Circle* this coming Sunday due to having another GCSE exam the next day we decided to go out and fly a bit yesterday.
We found a couple of new spots.

(*I’m not sure anyone will get to fly there now… There’s loads of rain predicted. :frowning: )


Quality. :slight_smile:

We’ve got a gig this afternoon/evening at a Jubilee fete just outside Ashbourne. It’s looking like it’s going to be a bit breezy and chilly now. :cold_face:
I’d forgotten about Echobelly. King of the Curb would be a good shout for our band.

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Yeah, they had some great tunes… I used to listen to them a lot.

In making these videos it’s also fun going back and listening to my music collection. I just don’t listen to it any more.

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