FPV Trick Competition - Inverted Lookback 14/8 to 30/9

Our newest, and quite possibly youngest, winner @Brengun has chosen our next challenge.

The Inverted Lookback

You pretty much fly foward, cut your throttle, pitch 180, enjoy the scenery whilst making use of of the laws of momentum, then right yourself again. A Somersault!


Now you may come across stuck up people now and then (some actually fly drones) who say

ezgif.com-gif-maker (4)

And whilst you do not have line of sight, are flying backwards, upside down and may very well crash into a nuclear wessel, don’t worry…

200 (14)

Competition starts NOW and ends Friday 30th September

Winner gets to choose the next trick


My entry… at 1:10


My Entry. I’ve combined it with a landing too


Nice landing technique, very similar to mine :laughing:

Oooh… and I thought cut it fine with the trees…

Is the quad ok?

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Yeah. Just ejected the lipo


Hardest thing for me was the rates. I couldn’t correct the horizon fully.

Before I trawl through my recent videos, a technique question.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been pitching forward to do the look back, and then pitching backward to right myself again. Not a full flip with a pause in the middle, but a half and back.

Is this going to be acceptable, or do I need to try again? :laughing:

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Sounds fine to me…

As can be seen in your entry… :slight_smile:

Anything is good jez. Its an fpv challenge. Anything goes. If it vaguely resembles a quad, and its funny, but more importantly you get the trick in one form or another. Its up to the public vote. No matter how stupid the public is :laughing:

Bollocks. Must try harder

Says the man who perched in a tree, ffs.

That’s what birds do…

Rather amusing that YouTube recommends a follow on video called “Why gravity is NOT a force” by Veritasium

Here we are, then.

Those damn towers again. :laughing:


PMSL :rofl: :rofl: you do make me chuckle :+1:t3:

Well I think this is the closest im going to get to 1 :man_facepalming:t2:


Finally remembered to post this, for some reason the audio is weird on the youtube post but not on the preview.


Was that done on a 4 or 5inch ???