FPV Trick Competition - Rewind 10/02/23 to 02/04/23

@notveryprettyboy has chosen the next fpv trick to try and master.
The FPV Rewind. Tricky.


This “seems” impossible. However, Newtons law states that this is indeed not only possible, but absolutley DOABLE.

Here is one of a few tutorials for all you crazy fpv nomads to peruse

Good luck. And god speed gentlemen / women


Save yourself 5 minutes if you’re a busy bunny.

Well we’ve had some bad weather for a few months now. Some say it’s because of ‘the time of year’. But I’m not buying it.
There’s 1 day left to enter, and there’s a slim chance no one will enter.

What do you guys want? Further time, a different trick? Or something else.

It’s your competition.


TBH watching Drew was never going to help you learn that trick. You need a video made by someone who flies Sbang. Headmazta does tutorials and also flies that style. I posted his rewind vids on the other thread, but here is a recap.

Oh and the level of control required to do a rewind is insane level. I have been trying in Liftoff for a month and am nowhere near it.

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:point_up: This. It’s not happening. :stuck_out_tongue:

My problem is I can see it in my mind, but lack the control to do it. The actual trick/move is just a matter of emulating his stick movements and then refining them. The so called muscle memory. But I think the Split-S rewind would be easier as it’s less proximity and easier to bailout from.

Combo 4 is not possible (for me, for a long time). I think you have to be very happy being upside and have all your rates pretty much perfect.

The other thing is visualising it while looking through a go pro is completely different to when you are looking through a vtx feed.

But I do think the sideways rewind should be possible for most people. In terms of stick movement, it isn’t massively hard and because you could do it at any height off the ground, it’s pretty safe to practice.

Another trick from that flight style is the eject and I think most people here could do that. You basically pitch forward, throttle blip, pitch back. It’s a way to get a lot of momentum when not moving. Probably works better if you have a nifty, heavy quad.

Yeah, I had a go in Uncrashed and just gave up in the end. I tried several different types of rewind, Split-S is easiest, but I could not get close to anything remotely clean with any of them.

I have been out several times during the challenge period but completely forgot to try the trick in advance or on the day.

So, no entry from me I’m afraid.

I chatted with a guy a while back and he had spent 4 months, flying almost everyday, to learn to properly rewind. He said for the sidelock rewind to practice doing orbits around objects and staying as close to the as possible, then increase the speed. Apparently that is half the issue, getting that precision orbit. i suspect if you learn the sideways rewind and get used to doing that around an object, then start adding in the actual sidelock rewind element, it would be easier. Almost breaking it down into two parts.

I think the problem for me is trying to find places to practice outdoors. I don’t honestly want to do split-s rewind above a tree. Even a lamppost is kinda sketchy and less forgiving than a tree.

Ha… didn’t remember we had this going on… here are some of my tries at it (this is not an entry, if this is even still open for them)