FPV Twitch Stream

Planning on streaming a few flights this morning if anybody fancies tuning in:

I’m live on Twitch, come hang out! Twitch

Let me know if it’s working please, it’s the first time I’ve attempted live streaming an FPV drone flight lol

Obvious there will long breaks between flights but keep the stream open and hopefully you’ll catch a flight or 2.



I can see video! :eyes:

Nice one mate :+1:t2: Thats really cool! Only problem is I can’t stream it from my phone to the Big TV lol

Still at least it’s working :grin:

I see you have Karl and Steve with you and Karl looked like he has a wing ready to test?

Yeah man it’s really cool to be able to watch you fly live :star_struck:

Already tested it pal lol

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You should get Karl back up with the wing and do some live wing chasing :star_struck: Bet it feels good to get back out after so long man :smiley:

We can’t this setup I’m using is limited to DJI

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So you can’t fly at the same time as Karl and Steve?

Lol you want me to chase him? I think my DJI will knock his video out.

Yeah thats what I meant mate you chasing his wing lol Will it cause interference with his sharkbyte?

We’ll give it a go. Karl is just charging his battery :+1:t2:

Right just setting up will start the stream in due course :+1:t2:


Got you live on my tv :rofl:


Awesome :grin:


That was awesome guys! :star_struck:

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Almost crashed into him :rofl:

Was a great bit of action :clapper: :ok_hand:t2:

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I’ve got the laptop casting to the TV ready for the next event :smiley: