Frame Rates For Europe

I keep seeing that people record at 30/60 fps I’ve always understood that to be for the Americas and their NTSC and 60hz electricity.

I thought in Europe/Africa/Asia/Australasia you should record at 25/50 fps for PAL and out 50hz electricity?

NTSC and PAL are old analogue TV transmission protocols and have no relevance to digital video.

You can use whichever you prefer - and (most) modern TVs switch to whatever they are being fed … and the resolution of that feed, too.

Personally, I use 30/60/120/240 because if you want good slowmo, cameras rarely have the 100 to go with 25 and 50. let alone the 200.

Others like 24fps - the old celluloid movie film standard.

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I understand that, but doesn’t the 30fps etc clash with the 50hz refresh rate of PAL regions?

If recoding in incandescent/fluorescent artificial light, there can be.

But since drones are rarely flown under artificial light, it shouldn’t be something that impacts us.

For replaying - as above - modern TVs run on DC, internally, and switch to the FPS of the feed they are receiving. So, not an issue on the replay side.

As proof of the above …

Laptops don’t (tend to) switch refresh rate - because, as far as the OS is concerned, they are never being driven by anything other than the hardware configuration.

Most laptop screens tend to have refresh rates of 60fps (blame the Americans and Japanese), and some higher spec systems might refresh at 120fps.

You can play any frame rate of video on your laptop and you won’t see any issues whatever their frame rate.

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As OzoneVibe said above, it’s usually not an issue since the drone footage is rarely artificially lit, except… If you’re going to be editing the footage together with some artificially lit, probably indoors, footage, then you want that indoor part done at 25 or 50 FPS to not strobe with the 50 Hz lighting, and you want the parts edited together to have had the same or multiples of the same frame rate, so the end result is wanting your outdoor footage at 25/50/100 FPS also. If it won’t be interspersed with any such, then go ahead with the 30/60/120 FPS at will.