France bans police drones - Why?

Having holiday’ed in France for a lot of years (a few with the drone too), I know the French people are very big on the privacy thing

Ive never had any hassles there, always been very rural though, quite a bit of interest too when I have been approached.

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As long as we are not next.

If you are asking why the French courts have banned them - its because the French are renowned for not trusting the police or any politician !! AND they then let their feeling known by direct action - regularly !!!
No surprise therefore the courts are under severe pressure NOT to be seen as agents of the state.
The ban was specific to the police, and not ( yet ? ) to the general drone hobbyist. If you look at the French rules for drones it is implicit the demand to ensure people cannot be identified.
Whatever final rules count into the UK one thing is guaranteed - no-one will take direct action, Brits will moan like hell everywhere other than at a politician - the power lobby remains alive and dear old blighty, with the courts and people firmly in the pocket of decision makers - its called “being British” old boy.


Otherwise known as being in Plato’s Cave.

Or still under the influence of ‘The Headmaster’

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