Free DJI 'New Pilot Experience' Event - Milton Keynes

Heads up courtesy of @Gadgerman :+1:

The event takes place in Milton Keynes on 28th April 2018.

Sign up here:

(By the way, I put the word Free in the title of the thread… you know who you are :rofl:)


Cheers, nice one. I notice it’s the day after the DJI Workshop event which I’ve already signed up for but haven’t heard anything back from yet. I’ve registered anyway, just in case the earlier one falls through. After the long months of winter we’re suddenly spoilt for choice with activities!

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I’m booked! Anyone else got their invites? Looks like they are splitting the event into three time slots from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

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Nice one!

We expect a full and detailed report please :smiley:

Yessir. In triplicate? :slight_smile:

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In going to the 10 - 12 slot. Will report back

I’m down for 12:30-2:00pm. Hope we get a chance to meet up.

Could use this as a platform to promote the Grey Arrows

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Well what can I say. Wasn’t what I expected at all, A table showing range of DJI drones, a presentation showing basic features of each drone, a run through the Drone code. A bit of a sales pitch re: drones and PfOC courses and then outside to have a go flying the phanton 4, mavic pro and the Spark.
It was okay but for complete newbies , no DJI staff ,no literature , couldn’t answer some of my questions (I really wanted to speak to DJI staff). The people there were okay knew enough but not specifics . One was an ex–RAF heli pilot, another was a newly qualified drone pilot.
I did give everyone a flyer promoting Grey Arrows and let a pile for the next groups


Was this the event run by Drones Direct?

Thanks for the report @Gadgerman!

And thanks too for dropping flyers :1st_place_medal:

Yes it was. The instructor gave the impression he wasn’t employed by drones direct but he is pictured many times on their website doing the PfCO

Saw the pile of flyers on the table when I arrived at 12:30pm, they were all gone two hours later before the last group arrived.

I was told all three sessions were booked out with 40 people each but there were a lot of no shows (the weather was foul). My session had less than a dozen people.

More details soon.

Excellent. They were there to spread the word