Free Lightroom Mobile for RAW images

Don’t know if people are aware of this but Lightroom provide a free mobile version to edit .dng RAW images, great for the mini 2 if you want to process RAW images on the go - works great, just DL it remove the sd card and connect to the iPhone via a sd card reader thingy and you can import the RAW images into Lightroom.
Don’t know if this is available on Android phones?


Hi PingSpike

I’ve been looking for a RAW file editor will give it a try…:+1:

That recommendation was nothing to do with me mate, it was from @BazJ :blush:

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So it was… my mistake…:joy::joy:

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Thanks @BazJ, anything free I up for it :+1:

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Just tested and its basic as you need to pay for the most important tools and go premium :slightly_frowning_face:

What tools do you need that are missing?

You can do the basic things and it’s free but like all tools working especially selective parts to work with and healing is a favourite of mine.

It’s a good app and imo sucks the gullible in and pay.

Nice app when all available :roll_eyes: