FREE R/C Aircraft Kit 900mm wingspan - FREE - [TAKEN]

Foam electric flyer - “for advanced pilots” according to the box. I got it a year or so ago while on my morning walk, it was sitting outside a house by the hedge and marked “Free” so I took it

As I have enough trouble flying a multi-rotor I would have no chance with this so it is free to a good/bad/indifferent home. It seems not only complete but has an extra, second-hand wing and a few other bits that suggest that at one point there was another of these that met a sticky end.

The only thing missing is the instructions, I took them out to read them so they are either around somewhere or the dog ate them - don’t expect to get them in the package and you won’t be disappointed.

Needed to complete are battery, servos and RX / TX

PM me with your address, email and phone - parcel companies insist on the mail and phone nowadays before they will take the package. If you want to also give me your bank a/c, sort code, card number CVV and PIN that would be a great help … :slight_smile:

I will send or you can collect from Hayling Island, Hampshire

I will take it if you can post it :slight_smile:

It’s yours.

I’ll expect to set it re-engined and with an FPV camera in the nose before long …

I’ll get it sent off tomorrow, not sure who I’ll use yet because of the length but will let you know when it’s on its wat/

AS you can see from above conversation THIS IS NOW TAKEN. Can a nice moderator add TAKEN to the title please?