FREE - Various connectors, cables and switches - Gone!

@group-fpv probably more suited to you guys.
Free to good home.
2 x 12 to 24v panel mount rocker switches with LEDs
4 x panel mount XT60E-F sockets with dust caps, mounting screws and heatshrink.
4 x XT60F sockets for soldering onto your cables and heatshrink.
1 x XT60 to banana plug.
1 x ring terminal to 4 female spade connector.
1 x 4 female spade connector.

I know it’s nothing exciting but hey, I no longer need them and they are all brand new. Would rather someone got the use of them instead of landfill.


Hi Darren
Thanks for the kind offer, I agree landfill is no home for this stuff :grin:

I’m usually the greedy one and dives on stuff like this in seconds but today I’ll be less selffish and say that if nobody else has claimed them by Saturday night then I’d be grateful for them to come to me.
Thank you
Steve :smiley:

I somehow guessed you would be the first to reply, even though it wasn’t quite the reply I thought it would be. They’re boxed up and ready to go so I’ll leave it a little longer, if no other replies by the time I get home from work today I will get them off to you.

Looks perfect redo for my battery box those do. With proper switches too. Yes please Joe?

:laughing: :smiley:

Gone to @gunja99 as @Steviegeek graciously decided to let someone else have a shout.
@admins could someone mark this as gone/taken please?