Freewell VND filters - delivery times?

Anybody else ordered the variable M2P filters from Freewell? What was your delivery time like?

According to the tracking, mine shipped October 12th and were delivered to “air transport” on October 13th… after that, nothing. Bit concerned that they’ve gotten lost en route.

Source ? China or USA ?
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

From China.

I’ve emailed them… first response was just the link to the tracking that’s already in the order. I replied to say that it just stops when the package reached “air transport” over a month ago and that it’s past it’s due delivery date.

The reply to that was a verbal shrug. That’s how it is. It’ll get there ‘eventually’. And in future they recommend express shipping (at only $35!) as it has more regular updates.

I don’t so much mind the delay… just frustrating that they’ve taken payment for a specified delivery time and are now almost ⅓ overdue. Certainly doesn’t encourage me to pay them even more for an ‘express’ service.

At the moment I’m putting the tone of the email down to language barriers… let’s see how long ‘eventually’ turns out to be. Thankfully, I paid with PayPal so if it doesn’t turn up before too long it’ll be a claim and a refund.


So it’s more than 9 weeks since the order, these still haven’t arrived. Freewell have moved on from ‘eventually’ to ‘might take longer if you’re in a remote country’ and ‘this is just how standard delivery is’. They’ve twice more told me that I should have paid for express delivery if I wanted updates. Don’t really care about the updates, but an actual delivery would be nice.

They also keep insisting that this must be a problem with Royal Mail and I have to take it up with them. Royal Mail, for what it’s worth, haven’t heard anything of this parcel since it left China in the middle of October.

Not impressed, so I moved the conversation from email to PayPal’s resolution centre in preparation for the claim. Not all that surprised that Freewell have just insisted that I go back to dealing with them by email directly and not via the Resolution Centre. I think not.

So, escalated to PayPal this morning for a refund.

Oh… and Amazon got them back in stock. Ordered Sunday, delivered yesterday, cost less than buying direct and paying delivery and customs.


There’s a reason Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men on the planet :+1:t2:


Yeah … and it was all made from GADC Accessoryitis Badge holders! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: