Friendly Public

Well just been to the local park for a mess about with Sparky, full of dog walkers. Everyone who stopped said the same thing “have you been to Gatwick”. Thought I might have got some hostility but no, all good
The person who was most interested was a little old lady out walking, she was fascinated and stopped and talked for a good ten minutes.
I was try Litchi out, had a worrying moment on the last flight, I initiated a return to home and the aircraft went up to 396 feet. Had to stop it and bring it in myself. Checked all logs and no errors or loss of signal. Strange, gonna have another go tomorrow weather permitting. Still considering buying Autopilot just waiting in case iTunes has a sale.


My mate has a spark, and his mate has a phantom 3. He says it’s amazing the difference in attitudes from the public when they are flying together.
They see the phantom as a menace (good title for a film, oh bugger it’s been done) and something to be feared, his mate gets snide comments as people walk past that drones should be banned, pilot hung drawn and quartered and his entire family sold into slavery.
The attitude towards the spark, as he holds his hand out to let it land is o e of, ‘awwww that’s sooo cute’ is it one of them drones?
My mate says no it’s a spark, called sparky. The publicthink it’s lovely, not like one of those nasty drones… gullible misinformed public.
My mate decided to fly his phantom and was given a bit of verbal, nothing too serious, but he just asked if the person drove a car?
He said he did.
He just said to the person giving the verbal, ‘how would you like it if every time there’s a car accident, someone came up to you and gave you verbal for driving a car…same difference.


I’ve been out several times recently, including one time when the Gatwick planes were still grounded. I’ve had nothing but good-natured comments and have been bantering with people when they were up for that. Today I had a longer spell out at the flying field in Richmond Park, and all the people who stopped wanted to know what I thought about the Gatwick mess. One woman said her husband has a drone but she had never looked at it…and asked me if I could show her what mine does/how the camera works, as she felt it was too late to ask him! All good.

My opening line to everyone who asks about Gatwick has been ‘The laws don’t need changing. These people/this person broke the law and would do that anyway. Some people drink and drive/text and drive. That’s dangerous and there are laws against it and most people obey them. There’s no point making the responsible people (99%?) suffer because of a few idiots.’

One guy said ‘They should have people like you on the TV explaining it.’ Then he started talking about Jesus, so I landed my M2P for a few minutes rather than waste the battery.

To reply to the OP, I have a M2P, which people see as a bit insect-like but not threatening.

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Walk away.


Well said…Not sure about the guy talking about Jesus, the book wasn’t too bad, a bit long winded in some parts, but if I started to speak to a random stranger about a fictional character, they’d throw me in the nut-house.