From commercial to recreational...(again)

I’m just wondering if any others have come away from commercial drone flying and gone back to recreational? I’m in this situation again (I’ve previously held my PFCO and come away) and due to work, I have less and less time to advertise and promote my commercial drone services. With that in mind, I’m thinking of not renewing my PFCO, throwing the drone in the rucksack and using it for recreational purposes instead of the constant battle of trying to advertise amongst a heavily saturated market.

Anyone else been in this situation?

Take care, and stay safe.

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I am purely recreational and love it,never enough batteries or hours in the day to fly though,and this wretched virus,just have to fly a tello around the house,to get my fix… :rofl: :rofl: :+1:


I’m glad I didn’t renew my PFCO in January now we’re in lockdown. I also spent several months fighting Yell over my website which I pulled the plug on. I sent Yell running with their tail between their legs for illegal behaviour.
I’ve been fly something for most of my life, but I’m thinking of shedding some of my toys now.

I’m going from having all of the commercial type kit (hard cases, multiple batteries, safety gear, lighting etc) to a drone in a rucksack, I’m hoping the fun of flying comes back :slight_smile:

I might get back to RC helicopters, I’ve got one in storage that I can just dust off and fly…:grin:


I’m waiting on some 2S lipos arriving for my mcpx BL to have a play in garden.

Been that long it’s probably not going to end well.

I just had a look at it, I’m actually scared…:anguished:

Look what I found for it, forgot I used to buy these in bulk…

Not forgetting this office toy which I used to enjoy…