Frosty Buckley


Second is an absolute stunner looks like a nuke has just gone off in the distance!!! :rofl: :rofl: :+1: :+1:


These add both the Ice Flyer and the Golden Hour Flyer Badges to your profile. :+1:

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Lovely sunset photo

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Great shots Clive :ok_hand:t2: Love the shadows and patterns in the frosty fields

Its that kind of shot that makes drones worth having. Utterly unachievable on the ground and great patterns to have seen and wanted to shoot from the air. Well done.

A couple of very nice shots of your area.

Takes me back to the time I used to work and both companies that employed me over the years had works in your area, both producing bricks. As I was in the laboratories, I frequently had to drive over to Bwcle to sort out problems :slight_smile: