Fun And Friendly Edit Challenge - 17th November to 26th November - CLOSED FOR ENTRIES

And so begins the next round @group-challenges
Here we invite Jim @Kings to upload a picture for us all to play with.
But before that, we have made some changes so please take a few seconds to read them.

Please submit one picture of your choice, captured by drone in dng and/or jpg.
Maximum file size is 100Mb for direct upload, the site can also accept zip and rar files if you want/need to compress.
No multiple brackets, please combine them first and then upload.
If you can only submit a dng then we will happily create a jpg from your original., but we’ll probably do a bodge on that as well :rofl:

The Rules
All entries must be in jpeg or webp format.
Objects may be removed but nothing added. This means adding anything into the picture that was not there in the first place, swapping skies etc.
You may post edits with added objects, but they will not be considered for the poll
Create and post as many edits you like, but please tell us which one is your entry by clearly marking it “My Entry” on the top line of your post, EVEN IF YOU MAKE ONLY ONE ENTRY. Failure to do so may result in your edit not being included in the poll.
Entries can be submitted until 7pm on Sunday 19th November.
After entries are closed, a poll shall be opened for all forum members to vote on up to three of their favourite edits. The winner will then get the honour of supplying a picture of their choice, captured by drone, for the next round.

Leeds train station Southern Entrance :-

We have uploaded your image directly Jim. The WeTransfer links disappear after a week and leaves the latecomers scrambling. Nice shot btw, I think this could get some cracking entries.

Great pic Jim @Kings & real fun deciding what to do with the sky, oranges :tangerine:



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my entry.

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@kirky My kind of entry that mate :+1:. Good one.

Nice shot Jim @kings, makes a change from landscapes and castles.


@Leylo1971 cheers mate, was struggling a little with a drone pic as been doing more ground level photos recently, will post my take on it at the end, not as an entry tho. :+1:t3:

This :point_up: but interesting anyway.


@Kings Awsome picture Jim.

This entry will be allowed, this time. We purposely try to keep the rules simple in this one, so there is no mention of it having to a still picture, we just assumed everyone would know that we are looking for a still picture and not a gif. The vote will decide.
The rules will be tightened up again to reflect the above in the next round.
Good work though, very inventive :clap:

So we’re clear then from now on no moving Webp image’s, I will delete.

No need to delete, the entry stands in the absence of rules stating otherwise. So please @Chip , stick your entry back in.
We have a discussion thread for these sorts of things, once I get back to a laptop I’ll dig it out and post a link, then we can all decide together if this sort of edit should be allowed or not. It’s up to you guys, it’s your challenge and we’re just here to run it for you.

@macspite That was like my other edit. If you squint it looks like a star wars furry character with his hemet on. :rofl:

my webp entry.

tiny Leeds train station fin (1)

My Entry

A little late, as usual. But here we go for the Poll
Please feel free to vote for up to three of your favourites.
Please don’t vote for own entry, doing so will result in its removal.
Voting will remain open until Thursday 30th November at 7pm
Voting is open to all forum members, participants or not.
The winner will be asked to submit a photo of their choice to get the next round underway.
In the event of a tie, ChallCom reserve the right to make the casting vote, or open up another poll to decide the winner.
Apologies to @Chip, I could not for the life of me get your wonderful gif to save and load as you had intended. For anyone wanting to see it Fun And Friendly Edit Challenge - 17th November to 26th November - CLOSED FOR ENTRIES - #19 by Chip

Good edits there all, this was my take on it :-