Fun and Friendly Edit Comp Sunday 16th Jan - Sunday 23rd Jan

This is the new thread for this week’s edit comp. Well done to @DeanoG60 @SirGunner for their winning edits :clap:t2: :clap:t2::clap:t2:

Deano @DeanoG60 will upload a new WeTransfer link shortly :+1:t2:

To enter just download the image from the wetransfer link and edit away with any software you like. When you’re happy with your edit post the final jpeg back here. The winner each week will supply the image for the next comp. If you win but can’t supply an image let us know and then 2nd place can supply the next image. It is preferred to supply a RAW image for editing if possible but if not a jpeg will do.

*You may remove items from an image but cannot add any new elements to the image e.g. changing the sky (you can still post edits with added elements for fun but they will not be entered into the vote)
*You can post as many edits as you like but only one will be entered into the vote, you need to make clear which edit you want entered for the vote, if its not made clear your latest edit will be entered in the vote.
*Your entry must be posted by 8pm Sunday evening every week.
*You can’t vote for your own edit. If you vote for your own edit your edit will be disqualified and the edit with the next most votes will take your place on the podium.

Any questions please feel free to ask, and most importantly have fun!

OK guys I don’t use we transfer but here’s a link to my RAW image on Google drive:

And here is the JPEG:

You’ve already seen my Edit of this image but I’ll post it again just in case you haven’t:

Yep you guessed it Willington cooling towers in Derbyshire.

Have fun and enjoy :grin:


Quick edit with Photoshop and NIK filters


That was fast… I’ve got competition :rofl:


I’ve had a bash witwith Adobe light room


Hi all,

I’ve been rather quiet of late (just working hard in the new year) but glad to have some time to rejoin the group!

Here is my edit. I felt the scene had a lot of rough textures going on, so decided a black and white image and to really push the clarity and texture up in Lightroom gave it a good vibe! Enjoy.




My Entry


And this ones for fun !


@gimbalflight …this stands out by far from the colour edits


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This week’s comp is officially closed! I will get the vote up asap :+1:t2:

Fun and Friendly Edit Comp 16th Jan - 23rd Jan

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Result is in for this week’s vote!

1st Place with 3 votes we have Alan @Sandbagger
:1st_place_medal: :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:
Joint 2nd Place with 2 votes each we have Chris @clinkadink David @Brewby Steve @SirGunner
:2nd_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal::2nd_place_medal: :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:
3rd Place with 1 vote we have Amdy @gimbalflight :3rd_place_medal: :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

Well done people :+1:t2:

Thank you for voting for my edit and congratulations to all those who entered I’m finding these competitions good practice and good fun …apologies for the delay in my acknowledgement to the result I had to do something quickly for @DeanoG60:rofl:

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Well done mate :clap: Cracking edit! :star_struck:

And to @Brewby, @SirGunner and @gimbalflight … and all those who entered too :star_struck::+1:

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