GADC 4th Birthday Challenge

  1. Solar farm
    My second entry for today - Dji Mini 2, 7.15pm approx, near Carrowdore, Co. Down

I’d like to claim the following please -
Bonus point if there are 30 or more rows :ballot_box_with_check:
Bonus point for adding to Drone Scene and posting a link with your entry. :ballot_box_with_check:


Understood. Apologies. Missed that bit. Yes, first post. After travelling over 100 miles today with my drone, at multiple sites (losing half a tank of diesel, about 7 hours and use of my right ankle), I am keen to get this right. So thanks for correcting me :+1:

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Failed entry methinks - please delete but I think it is worth keeping it on dronescene.

Red face here. :grimacing:

I was at Caen Hill this week, with no boats in the lock.

So well done for that :smiley:

As a result, I decided not to fly.

But then I was there at 7am :joy: :rofl:

Item 19: The Highest Point In My County

Milk Hill, Devizes, Wiltshire

I would like to claim the following:

(1) Bonus point for 360 pano

(2) Adding to DroneScene


An entry requires a drone scene entry that I have all the bonus points for. However the picture doesn’t do the location justice for the drone scene entry. Can I use different pictures? The TOAL location for drone scene would be different to the treasure hunt TOAL but it is essentially the same location? I’d rather give people a reason to fly there long term than a treasure hunt photo that doesn’t do it justice.

We do sympathise. Two of us on the Challenges Committee were fairly successful in last year’s similar challenge. We both went to Caen locks and, although there was no Drone Scene bonus in the challenge we each added a take off point as we both consider Drone Scene the best resource for up-to-date flight information on the net,

Although one of us received a reward for his third place and the other came 4th we both agree that we spent for more in diesel alone than any reward the competition offered. We also had great fun, saw parts of the country we wouldn’t normally visit, photographed subjects we wouldn’t normally photograph and both of us were really looking forward to competing this year.

Then the big boys from the class above us came and threatened us with a swirly in the GADC toilets unless we stepped back and ran this year’s competition :cold_sweat:


3 points!

Ah. Seems I misread that rule.

For my FRZ entry (linked below) I didn’t claim the Drone Scene bonus because of distance to a previous DS entry. But it wasn’t a DS entry for the same subject. My mistake.

So if @Challenges_Committee fancy adding a +1 bonus back in, that would be lovely. But ok if you don’t, I’m not in the running for the win!

Question for the @Challenges_Committee.

Is there one row “circled” here, or two?

Just using Paul’s picture as an example. No slight intended on his entry. :slight_smile:

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This is what it’s all about. I won’t be in the running for a prize due to some of the subjects being impossible to get without a ferry trip to the mainland but I’m having fun getting what I can. Also I’ve no ambitions to be on any more committees, been there-done that-got the tee shirt. :rofl:


This could be considered either 1 row and 2 columns or vice versa

C’mon ref, there’s a gap in the middle, and they’re somewhat staggered. I count that as 2 :innocent:

Another rule you have not seen:

You may only post TWO entries per day during the Challenge which will run from 0800 Tuesday, August 17th until 22:00 on Thursday, September 30th. All entries must be taken within this time frame, any photos or videos taken outside of this time will not be accepted.

So can you resubmit the picture tomorrow, please.

If you find time weighing heavy on your hands I suggest reading the first three posts of this thread may pay dividends :slight_smile:

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Sorry @Challenges_Committee forgot to tag you in post #743 (although there’s not that many posts. Very confused) GADC 4th Birthday Challenge! - £200 TOP CASH PRIZE - #743 by ensignvorik

it is being discussed. If you could message us @Challenges_Committee with a specific example it would make it far easier to come to a decision

Thanks. Will do it in the morning.

@kvetner after reviewing your specific situation and checking on DroneScene we can see that they are obviously different subjects and they measure over 1km apart so with this in mind we are happy to award you the bonus point :slightly_smiling_face:

Traffic Roundabout

Bonus point if 4 or more exits
Bonus point if no vehicles
Bonus point if single tree in the center

Taken today, this is our local roundabout that a few years ago was neglected by our local council, so a neighbour took on the task of looking after it and planting the tree and lots of other very nice plants (you can’t see them from this angle). so thanks to Roundabout Joan we now have a lovely thing to drive around :grinning:

Claiming a point for all :+1:


Taken at around 7.50pm 04-09-2021 with the Mini. Had to do a 3 shot vertical pano to get it all (well, most of it) in. First time I’ve actually hit the 120m ceiling.

I claim