GADC 4th Birthday Challenge

According to my 812 cell spreadsheet - @Acedrone @stevesb & @TheFatController haven’t yet dropped a point :smiley:

And anyone can still win!


Definitely. Discovered some gems of places I never even knew about and even the OH is getting into it now. Bonus.


No worries. I know some of mine won’t be worth a visit by any one else, but yes, worth claiming a point for and no one else is being forced to fly there. :smiley: :+1:

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In other news I am 1 away from the gold pin seeker badge :blush:


You do know we’ve raised the requirement to 50 … ?

St Mary the Virgin

St Mary’s Studham is an Anglican church which welcomes all Christians and visitors. We especially welcome families of all ages and we love to have toddlers around. We don’t expect little ones to be quiet!! So parents, so please come and join us. Sunday school is every third Sunday in the month, from 10:30am.
The building is about 800 years old and its beautiful Oak Screen and ancient font are well worth a visit. Our services - as well as on the ChurchNearYou site, together with more information about the parish are on our website. Please visit our website at:



That’s a nice picture but we do need YOU to tell us what category you want it in and how many points you are claiming :slight_smile:

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Fishing on Thorpe Malsor Reservoir

Subject entry 18. Lake or Reservoir

I claim bonus point for:

Total of 4 point please.


Great! @kvetner @stubbyd and myself were getting lonely :slight_smile:


Hi -

…and there I was thinking I had taken care this time after the problems I had on drone scene this evening.

However, it it is a place of worship and I think it is one point.

Item 10: Canal or River Lock
Caen Hill Locks
04/09/2021 14:45

I (would like to) claim 4 points for:

2 boats in a lock :sweat_smile:
Added to DroneScene.



Nice try! But no :laughing:

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I think that’s mean

Caen Hill was added to Drone scene by @McSteamy2010 and we can’t upset him :joy:

Ok - although we don’t have a place of worship category

Is it for:

  1. Isolated Church/Chapel
  • Bonus point for having no other buildings within 100M
  • Bonus point for adding to Drone Scene and posting a link with your entry

Then the nearest building is within 50 metres of the church

And the church is within a village, so no reasonable person would consider it isolated. So, if entered for item 24, isolated church or chapel your entry is rejected and you may take it again.

If it is not intended for item 24 please could you tell us for which item it is entered?


Please present your case to us if you think you have been unfairly judged?

  1. Wind Powered

Taken around 7.30pm this evening at Ballycopeland Windmill near Millisle with my Mini 2’

Points claimed as below please.
Bonus point if there are 4 or more sails :ballot_box_with_check:
Bonus point if the subject is commercial :x: **
Bonus point for adding to Drone Scene and posting a link with your entry :ballot_box_with_check:

** Not commercial because entry is usually free, except for a couple of days per year when the sails are operating and it costs a couple of £ for a guided tour.


True. I was wondering about this. But then noted it was also added by @macspite, in a different take off location - hence thinking it was OK to do the same. If it’s not the case, then I am happy for the powers that be to remove it.

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We realise that this is your first entry and it is possible you haven’t read the rules fully.

Regarding your Drone Scene entry:

To earn the point a Drone Scene marker and description must be placed on the map shortly after your flight. The place to which it relates must be at least 1 kilometre measured on the Drone Scene map from any prior entry for the same subject.

If you look at the dates of both prior submissions you will see that they were a year ago and therefore nothing to do with this challenge

Yes, there are two boats in the lock. If we were being really pedantic we could say only one was asked for but that would just be mean. So we are happy for that claim to go through.

Unfortunately the image seems to be light on canoeists or kayakers. We can not see 4 of either in the picture, so no points there.

So we can award you 2 points and would recommend that you look at the rules closely. If you have any doubt or queries please contact us in a message @Challenges_Committee

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