Gadc drone club stickers?

Just an idea,but would anyone be interested in making some GADC car stickers?would be good for meeting up with other members,plus it would look really cool?:+1::+1:

Hi Tony.

There have been some recent “behind the scenes” discussions related to exactly this kind of idea.

Are you in that line of business? Or was it just a general thought?

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@OzoneVibe Hiya Dave,not in that line of work,but think this would be a pretty cool idea,and a way to promote this fantastic club.? Thinking a black silhouette,of a mavic,on a white or grey background,with large letters,and of course,website info.:+1::+1::grinning:(probably find myself looking out for other gadc members,)when on the road:rofl::rofl:


OK. As I say, stickers/leaflets/cards have been discussed briefly, and a common design theme would be rather key.

If you can hold fire a bit on this and we’ll come back to you?

And, since this idea is being discussed - if any of our members are in the sticker/leaflet/cards line of work … could you raise a hand? :+1:


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@OzoneVibe Cheers Dave,will do.:+1::+1:

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