Garden whooping - with homemade 'gates'

This was a heap of fun - and dirt cheap! Is also a very different FPV experience compared to what I usually go for - long distance cruising with crystal clear video is my happy place tbh!

But the weather is crap, it’s dark at 4:30pm and opportunities to travel and fly are sorely limited so I wanted something to keep the fingers nimble during the long dark months. I looked at FPV racing gates in a few places and was frankly staggered at the cost, considering they’re not much more than a bit of cloth and a fibreglass or plastic pole.

So, I made my own. Made from 2 pieces of foam board (£4 each), a tin of fluoro spray paint (£7) and some bamboo canes (£3.20) They’re remarkably effective and certainly very visible even in almost complete darkness (I tried last night :grinning:)

Makes you realise just how skilled real FPV race pilots actually are. Bakes my noodle the speed they go, but I was super chuffed with my efforts tbh. Also gives me more confidence for shooting gaps with a bigger quad.

This was with an old brushed Beta65-S… I am currently waiting for Santa to bring me a new Mobeetle6 atm :santa: (And yes, I do need to reset the low voltage alarm!)


I ended up actually watching the DRL Championship the other night. I know people have said the 5" boys crash a lot, but, boy they crash a lot: “…we have 280* drones to hover test before the competition begins…” :scream:

Anyway, I ended up going back to DRL Sim, and I have to say, I’m actually enjoying the races now - as long as I’m just doing time trials with myself. :grin:

* Number may be made up, but not far off.


Nice !
I’ve just bought my first FPV setup (avata) and am wondering if it’s really for me. I tried the sim last night for the first time and felt sick after 10 mins. Is that normal lol?

Stugeron will help with the motion sickness. :stuck_out_tongue:

You get used to it. I fly acro and when i’m upside down I sometimes get crazy vertigo. But you just fly through it or maybe land take a break, try again.

I read that as ‘sturgeon’. :laughing:


A face even a mother would find hard to love! :laughing: