G'day from Brisbane Australia, I welcome your advice

Hi everyone, I’m excited to join your community. Especially so since I’ll be touring Glencoe, Isle Of Skye, The Lake District and Ireland in August and September. I own a Mini 3 Pro and of course I’ll be bring that with me.

I’d really welcome any suggestions or recommendations on the best places to fly in those locales.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @taktiks80 and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

Looking for recommendations of places to fly in the UK? Check out our interactive map on Drone Scene (just a reminder, it only covers the UK) :smiley:

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Welcome once again!

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Hello Peter welcome to Grey Arrows :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great itinerary, check out the Dronescene map for pinned locations of where to fly, plenty of us have done Glencoe, Skye and the Lakes, I only hope you have good flying weather when you are here…

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Hi Peter @taktiks80 and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

Hello @taktiks80 Peter & welcome to the club :smiley:

Hi Peter, welcome to the mad house. Don’t stop at the Lakes, come further south, you’re missing most of the country!

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Hi Peter,welcome aboard.
Keep checking in especially when your visits due, in case there’s any local info to the areas your visting.
Dronscene is definitely worth having, giving you info on areas already flown, plus flight info.

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Keep an eye on NOTAMS and restricted zones. Some of the areas are fast jet training areas around Glencoe and Skye. Also search and rescue helicopters can be fairly active.

Good luck with finding our one day of summer in Scotland


Hi there @taktiks80 and welcome to The GADC

Along with most of the Lake District, weekdays only, so you’ll be fine Saturday and Sunday.

Search and rescue helicopters can appear any time.


Out of hours in Low Fly zones is usually ok, but check the rota on the Gov.UK website below, and if in doubt ring the RAF liaison…

Hi Peter @taktiks80 and welcome aboard the GADC group, hope that you enjoy being part of this community and hope that you enjoy your time over here when you come. You will have to post some of your photos and videos on here when you are touring.

Also just in case you might not be aware, dont forget to register with the CAA for your operator ID which is just under £12 cost and also there is a free Flyer ID theory test that you can take, the Flyer ID is not mandatory for your type of drone but worth doing though

Here is a link to the CAA site for drones just in case you need it

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