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Sunday Night live feed :grinning:


Well, I’ve took the bull by the horns, bit the bullet, pushed the button and bought a 3d printer. I’ve snapped up a Flashforge Dreamer twin extruder to play with while the weather’s crap and so I can mess about keeping my grey matter (and getting greyer) supple.
When I picked it up, the guy asked me if I’d like another printer that he was rebuilding but lost interest in, for £20, everything’s there just needs finishing off. It’s a Geetech i3 twin extruder model, so I thought, why not and slipped him a purple one (now, now boys, settle down).
Trouble is, I don’t need it, just had it to save it being scrapped. So if anybody wants it, give me the £20 and it’s yours. I’ll put pictures up tomorrow when I fetch it in from the car (it’s pissing down, so I’m not going out to fetch it in). I’ll also put it in the For Sale section, but if anybody’s interested let me know
No doubt there will be loads of stupid questions coming in the next few weeks, but I know I can rely on you brainboxes to send me the right way down the road to oblivion.
First thing first, got to get up to Ikea tomorrow to get a table or unit of some sort to put it on, then let the fun begin!


Tonight’s live print is a

RC-N1 bike holder Mount


What a great idea :+1:t2:

Edit @Sparkyws Wayne, it’ll be good to see how this works :face_with_monocle: don’t panick I don’t own a bike lol

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Fancy printing one of those and near completion the wife walks in !! lol what would you say … Im just printing a dickasaurus !!!

Hi John @Hotrodspike

I’d be happy to give you twenty for it :+1:


…strangely relaxing and quite hypnotic to watch :blush:

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OK mate, let me know when you want to fetch it and we’ll sort it.

I’ll check what’s there tomorrow, it’s all in the car.

The guy I had the printer off has emailed me annd says he didn’t give me the main control board. He’s putting it in the post so I’ll let you know when it comes.

Sorry couldn’t resist :joy:

Sunday’s live print :grinning:

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Ta :slight_smile: :popcorn:

What you printing now :smiley:

The knobs for my bike mount

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It’s not hanging around!

I am printing at a faster speed now I am an expert :grinning:

Monday Night F all to do Live feed :grin:


What’s cooking today :face_with_monocle:


Thanks Discourse, yes, funnily enough I did :rofl:

It’s what Monday’s were made for!

I’m with @Kirky on this one though: