General 3D printing chit chat

Just a thread for random 3D printing chit chat.


I have two 3d printers, a Creality Ender 3 S1 and a Photon S, so, thought I’d come sit myself down here.

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Nice welcome to the party :grin:

Hi Guys

Anyone know where I can get some free good cad software, I have a .stl file of a box I want to change the size and shape… So I can slice and 3d Print.

Any ideas much appreciated thanks…

Google tinkercad :+1:t2:

If its just size then just scale it in the slicer

I tried Tinkercad there is a couple holes in the object I want to move tinker wont let me thanks

Tinker cad can do that just fine? Fill in the old one drop a ruler and messure out the new holes and make them?

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Ahhh!! I will try that thanks …

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+1 for Tinkercad as a beginner. If you’re more advanced or have the time there are better tools. But I do all mine in TC for now, as not got the time to learn one of the “pro” tools :slight_smile:

Some good short starts here: Learn how to use Tinkercad | Tinkercad

Loads more out there

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Thanks gunja … I am safe to use this , because its for kids too …
Very helpful , I will sit down later and probably get a cuppa and watch all the tutorials …

Many thanks…