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The reason I am interested is up 2 now I have only printed PLA

but I am noticing that my prints have a slight elephants foot

I am printing at 210/60 and have read that PLA doesn’t even need a heated bed

So I am curious about what others are using, I know that the filament type changes the values slightly but was wondering about the goto figures

I have only ever used the default “Generic” settings in Cura for TPU and PLA.

For PLA these are 50C bed and 200C nozzle. I have generally had good results from all brands I have used.

As I understand it, elephant’s foot is more to do with the Z offset/levelling. If your first layer is too close it will squish out a bit. Too far and it won’t adhere very well.

Oddly, for TPU, Cura’s default is no heating on the bed. :man_shrugging:t2:

I aim at the mid Temp as per the manufacturer recommendation, then print 2-3mm height of a test print until I’ve found the temperature that give s strong bond and good finish.

The same with bed temperatures, my resent ABS recommends 100C bed which turned out to be too hot and left traces of filament embedder into the PEI.

After experimenting I’ve ended up with ABS 235 and bed 85, I’ve actual ended up with better surface finish than PLA

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Going to try a print at 50 for the bed, just tried 40 but it failed

What are you printing on?

Glass bed

I used to print on glass with the best results using Magigoo adhesive, bed 50-60…

I used to print at 60 now I print on my glass bed at 65 , with no problems no more … only have to wait a couple minutes for it to cool down before removing print…

Then I use my wifes Nail polish remover to clean glass… Never had any issues since…

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Martin is that for PLA as at that temp I get a slight elephants foot :man_shrugging:

Yes , sorry that is with PLA , with no sticking issues at all… if anything its bloody hard to get off lol …

I understand it could cause elephant foot but not had that yet … maybe step up to 63 … Wayneo …

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But any elephants foot?

What printer do you have?

I have a Ender 3 pro … I also have heat insulation under bed …

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Here is a print I am doing now for a friend…

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I see you have slight elephants foot

That is what I am trying to avoid

Well spotted, I will investigate when finished , Maybe I have to drop temperature a bit as well then … :+1:

There seems to be a thin line on what PLA temps to use as well , I made a mistake when taking this picture as the Heat for the white PLA should of been 210c and I noticed it was on 220c I have dropped the PLA temp now to 210 …

I was using Black PLA before this print and that like the temp at 220c … All trial and error…

This could also be due to PLA too hot as well …


Try this, if you’re happy the bed is level, go into your G-code and lower your bed by 0.05mm but keep your temperatures the same, when the printer is in the process of printing the “Skit outline” grab a torch and shine it across the Skirt, if you can’t see a reflection off the Skirt your Nozzle is too close to the bed.

@Njoro Thanks I will try when I get home later :+1: :+1:

I started 3D printing in 2016 and I’m still learning, this is something that occurred to me while experimenting with first layers way back then. The brim is always your first indicator of the rest of the print.

By shining a light across the bed from as low as possible….adjust your G-Code accordingly…

No elephants foot ever…

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