General photography help section


Just an idea for another section that could be added, didn’t know where else to put it so questions and answers seemed appropriate.

There are a lot of really skilled photographers in here, and there are a lot of skilled pilots. I am neither although I manage to get by in photography.
Would it be possible to have a new section to discuss photography techniques, hint and tips? Maybe even editing too? I know a lot of people, myself included, took up a drone to try and improve their photography and get a different view. But guess a lot of people take it up just cos they want to fly, then they take an interest in the camera but don’t know where to start with it.
This way I could also give back to the forum, I know Jack shit about drones, but I can certainly help with the digital photography side.


Hi Darren,

We very rarely create new forum categories, I think we’ve only created three or four in the last three years :thinking:

It’s quite simply driven by demand :blush:

If there are enough posts covering a specific subject to warrant a new category, we create one :slight_smile:


Can you suggest a suitable place where I can just create a new topic to cover this instead of you having to create a new space?
Questions and answers I suppose would be a good place, although I think it might be swamped very quickly :thinking:

Cheers @clinkadink but it was more aimed at taking the pictures. Fstops, apertures, ISO, white balance, exposure control etc. Then onto the basics of composition like the rule of thirds, exclusion/inclusion, leading lines, all the things that make a good picture worth editing in the first place.


Ah, OK, well the category I linked to is meant to be just for post processing. That said, there are some ‘photo capture’ posts in there. Perhaps the category should be amended to “Video and Photo Capture & Editing” or “Imaging & Processing” :thinking:

It’s a bit of a mouthfull :wink:

I’m waiting on @PingSpike saying
“Make it so number one”

May I add to that demand, please?

I currently have a greater interest in still photography than in videography.

I’m interested to learn how best to get the maximum quality images from my A2s (which I bought mainly just to get started with droning), as well as which might be better/best drones solely for still photography, of similar form factor to the A2s.

Sure thing.

We look forward to seeing all the content that might warrant a new category :slight_smile:

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And welcome to Grey Arrows @Androne101 :smiley:

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Hehehe, well that didnt go as expected. So, in order to possibly get some more interest I’m going to type some crap that somen of you may or may not be interested in. Please feel free to butt in and point out any mistakes or absolute crap im about to type.
Digital cameras can not handle over exposure, once the highlights are blown, they are gone forever. There is no way to get them back, end of. Most digital cameras have far less dynamic range than film, my digital nikon has on paper 11 stops. But trust me, it has maybe 7 at best. So how do we get all the information that we see with our eyes into print or the tinterweb?
We need to bracket and then blend the exposures to bring the best out. No amount of post processing can recover blown highlights, so always expose for the highlights if you can only get one shot. If time allows take two shots, one exposed for the highlights and one exposed for the low lights, that should give 14 stops once combined. If you’re not bored yet i can post a link to some tutorials on another forum I am a member of, they will explain Contrast Grading and how to combine your shots to get a near perfect result. OR you can use the hdr function on your chosen camera or software to do the work for you. But it wont look as good as doing it yourself.