German research finds security flaws in four leading DJI drones

Interesting… I always said get an Autel… ha-ha

Looks like the “good” type of flaws.

They indicate inadvertent firmware weaknesses that could be of use to hack-minded operators to mask their ID, or third parties seeking to locate pilot positions.

How would one apply all these done hacks if the firmware was rock solid? :wink:

Autel are also a Chinese company and, I suspect, just as likely to have similar flaws in their products.

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Noted Here with links to the GitHub

Bizarre the german guys seem to dismiss the american concerns.

DJI has all user data and if the chinese government wants it DJI simply hands it over. This goes for any chinese business and ties in with a fundamental part of communist doctrine of the state being more important than the individual.

To dismiss the implications of that display a naivety of the highest order. Or perhaps they don’t like americans!

Look at me ranting :man_facepalming: