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OK so this may be a little long winded but bear with me.

I got a call from a potential client asking for me to provide 5-6 mins of video and some still images of their property. The stated in the email that payment would be by PayPal.

Now although the job did not take place, it occurred to me that having accepted the work and done the shoot and been pay via PayPal, their resolution system allows the client to claim their money back by saying they were not happy with the images or footage provided.

So before I ask for suggestions, I will offer up my own first.
I thought about landing the drone, removing the SD card and allowing the client to review the images and footage. I then have them sign an acceptance form stating that they have viewed the images and footage and are happy with the results.
I would then upload the files to a Dropbox folder and provide them with the link. This ensures that there can be no comeback as far as PayPal is concerned.
(you could provide them with the SD card or transfer the files to their PC/Laptop if you prefer)

My first thought …. several minutes of 4k needs a massive Dropbox, potentially a couple of hours of uploading for you, and a lot of downloading for them …. and seems a tad unwieldy.

I buy memory sticks for that purpose, and they are cheap enough. But that’s included in the price.

Agreed, a good option however it doesn’t address the claim that the images are not acceptable and they claim a refund


Bill Miller

CCA registered drone pilot

The gist is straightforward enough, but you’d need a lengthy Ts & Cs full of small print to stop them getting out of it.

So in principal, yes, ideal :+1:t2:

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I don’t accept payment by PayPal, only BACS, cash or cheque.

If you are looking for a very cheap business account, I am using TIDE. Been very impressed. All,online, easy to set up and includes a card to make purchases.


Its very much buyer orientated I find, I wouldn’t accept its payment method for a service personally.

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No, I wouldn’t accept payment via PayPal either. Aside from anything else, given that they put all the power in the hands of the buyer if there are disputes, they aren’t especially ‘cheap’ as a seller.

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