Gilford Mill - County Down - Added to Historic Buildings in Northern Ireland

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene:

Land owner permission not required.

There's a path by the River Bann that goes past the mill which I used to TOAL. Parking is free at either the Recreation centre, Woodlands park, or on the main street. The mill itself is private property and there are some "no trespassing" signs up, but the public path along the river goes right past the mill, so that is a good vantage point for flying

The originator declared that this location was not inside a Flight Restriction Zone at the time of being flown on 16/03/2022. It remains the responsibility of any pilot to check for any changes before flying at the same location.


Another Kuula pano’


Looks like a great location. I haven’t been in Gilford for years, last time I was there the mill was still fully intact, thought I’m not sure if it was still in use. I noticed an old chimney and ruin on the Dobbin Road opposite Fruitfield service station when I was heading to Armagh a couple of months ago but I didn’t have the drone with me. That looks like it might be worthwhile to visit and it’s in your vicinity. :+1:

It’s a nice building, and it could be such a beautiful building. It’s been sold a few times since it closed in the 80’s, one planned to make it into a retail outlet, several wanted to make it into luxury apartments. If someone could restore it and even restore the original lake in front of the main building, it would be fantastic! But I don’t see it, I think it’s too much to do it, the most recent owners reckoned 6 million would be needed.

Yeah, that’s not far from me. I think that was the old jam factory. Will have to investigate it further.


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There’s Barber Mill near Lisburn too, I got some shots of it from along the Lagan towpath a few years back (when mobile phones didn’t have cameras and drone didn’t exist).