Gimbal & Drone Control: Better flying for better video

Hello all
I’ve been seeing more and more drone videos where the operator is just flying in a straight line or with jerky turns. It’s pretty easy to adjust the direction and rotate the drone or adjust the gimbal at the same time, which gives way more interesting and dynamic video.
So, using some pretty nice footage from my recent trip to Positano and the Amalfi Coast in Italy, I go through the basics of dynamic flying and gimbal control to more interesting video. As ever, hope it helps…



Another great video Ian :+1:


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Looks like you had a good holiday did you have any issues for permission to fly or just do it?
Another informative video

Most of the flights were done over water, far away from people. And the flights over Paestum temples were made after closing time late in the afternoon… Had an amazing time… Cheers, Ian


Top video Ian @ianinlondon
Keep ‘em coming

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