Gimbal not going to 0 after funtion button press

Mavic Air 2 no damage or bumps.

I have notice the camera does not return to 0 when i press function button, it is 1° or 2° off 0 as in picture very occasionally 3°off 0.

Updated to latest update on both drone and dji fly app, i have recalibrated gimbal and noticed it a few updates ago.

any ideas.

Recalibrate the gimbal maybe?

Off topic, I also favour -0.7EV :slight_smile:

Are you saying this has only started happening since the firmware update?

I’m not familiar with the Air controller, does it have a wheel to tilt the gimbal? If so, what range does that offer? And does the controller need calibrating?

(Ignore all that if the Air 2 has no gimbal wheel on the controller)

I think he’s referring to the Left/Right, rather than tilt?

R 2° in first pic, l 1° in the second pic.

Already done it still the same

Yes slight left and right, if i press function it points down and shows 0° left/right, but then when i press function again it returns to horizontal but left or right never return to 0°

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