Gimbal Repairs - London ?

Hi can anyone recommend any company that fixes drones near London my Gimbel on my DJI mini 2 is shaking all over the place and on screen says Gimbel stuck ? Thank you looking forward to hearing from you.

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Have you checked the simple things firset?

Look at the various joints under a hand lens to see if any grit or crud has lodged itself in there - and give it a balst of compressed air just in case.

Then, if that hasn’t solved it, you are probably better off using one of the better known services and post your aircraft rather than pick a repairer based on location. It’s also probably quicker and easier than schlepping half way across London anyway.

When you are a full member - doesn’t take long - there’s a discount for GADC members with these guys:

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Thank you I’ve done the comprest air I try doctor drone :+1: